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7 Ways to Be Grateful Every Day

“This is a wonderful day. I have never seen this one before.” ~Maya Angelou


Over the past few decades, a lot of research has gone into the effects of gratitude on the brain.  Some suggest that it can decrease the impact of anxiety and depression. It can also improve the overall outlook that one has on their life.  With such a huge impact gratitude can have, it's no wonder why people are looking for ways to express gratitude more often.



7 ways to be more grateful.


  • At the end of a day think of all the things that you are grateful for.

  • At the end of a long day, it is easy to just want to fall asleep.  During this time try to at least for a few minutes think about what happened in the day and what was good about it. Did you have a delicious coffee, a hot shower, no issues at work, a hot meal. Even when you have had a horrible day can you find at least one thing to be grateful for. Maybe a roof over your head or the warm blankets you are snuggled into.

  • Write a thank you note to someone.

  • Even if you are just writing the thank you note for something small, it's good to let others know you appreciate what they have done.

  • Show appreciation to others by saying thank you (Be specific).

  • This kind of goes along with the one above, letting others know that you are grateful for what they have done. But, this can be more instantaneous for an in the moment thank you. For example when I have to make a call I thank the staff for being available to help me resolve the issue.

  • Compliment someone.

  • I know this one can seem a little weird at first. But who doesn't like to receive a good compliment?

  • Gratitude Journaling.

  • Taking time to journal can be a great way to get your thoughts and feelings off your mind. When combined with gratitude this can be a powerful tool to get your mind on the right path.

  • Think about the beauty of this very moment.

  • Sometimes life can seem very stressful and at those moments we need a little lift. Take a moment to think about what you are grateful for in the moment. If stuck in traffic, think about how much you are grateful to have a car. Look out at the trees and the clouds. Sometimes appreciating the beauty of nature can be a great way to calm down.

  • In a meal setting have everyone speak to one thing that they are grateful for.

  • Ever get to the point where you don't know what to discuss during dinner or whatever meal you normally gather with family?  Next time this happens, ask each person to discuss what they are grateful for. This is a great way to introduce gratitude to the family.


Thankfully we all live in abundance and there are many things to be grateful for. Even if it is something as simple as noticing and appreciating the beauty of nature.  Being grateful can come easily once you start to really practice being aware of what to be grateful for. Doing this on a regular basis is a great way to lighten your mood and motivate yourself.




Kyeong, S., Kim, J., Kim, D. et al. Effects of gratitude meditation on neural network functional connectivity and brain-heart coupling. Sci Rep 7, 5058 (2017).


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