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Social Media - Here I Come!

I Literally have 2 followers, I post content at least twice a day, and it isn't going anywhere!


First, let's take a step back.


What is the content you are posting? I could do an entire blog on this topic. For simplicity's sake you should be looking at other people in your niche, see what they are posting, and find a way to emulate them.  This way you know you are posting valuable content that is already proven by the amount of traffic it receives. Now I am not saying to COPY them to a "T", you don't want to do that. However, you want to look at different techniques they use.


Is it all music? Is there text? What topics are being talked about in the comments. Are there any issues discussed in the comments that are worth addressing in your post?


Look at the angle of the camera, the background, and even the lighting.


What Hashtags are being used? Is there a good "hook".


What is a hook? I am glad you asked. It is that 3-5 second window of where you catch the viewer's attention. Take a look at several viral videos in your niche and see if you can identify the "hook". It's a good practice to do this often so that you stay up to date with what the social media platform defines as "Good Content".


Doing this consistently over time will help you grow your following and get your content to your customers. It takes time to get a good organic following so just keep at it and focus on the different kinds of content and not the numbers for a while. Once you have data, go back and see what performs well. Then start improving on those types of posts.


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