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Thank You

If you made it to this post, bless your heart. This is my first blog post so please be patient. In this post I want to take time to thank and show gratitude to those who are helping me on my path. I have an amazing family who supports me each day and brings joy to my life. My husband, Collin, who does an amazing job at being an adult. My Children; Avery, Graci, Logan, and Tristan who know just what to say to lift my spirits. My mentor and business partner who has helped me grow new skillsets to succeed in my physical, personal, financial, and my life's purpose.

I also want to thank the corporate company I work for (who shall remain nameless) for the past 15 plus years. They supported me through good times and bad and played their part in my growth and development. They also made life so stressful that I found it necessary for a change to take care of my health, for which I am grateful. Without that adversity I would still be sitting in the cubical daily not knowing where my life was headed.

Finally, I would like to thank all of you who made it this far in the post and are looking forward to joining me on my journey to financial freedom. I promise... it will get better from here.

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