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This is the pinnacle that started me on my path to success. I joined many programs that claimed how they will help you earn X amount of dollars so quickly it would make your head spin (False Claims). I will say that, I owe my success to Entre Institute which is basically a university for entrepreneurs. They provided me tools and resources needed to succeed and the guidance necessary to start off my own business...Successfully! 


Along with formal education, I have learned most of what was required to succeed after graduation from others who have been successful. I will have a list of Recommended books to succeed in the Tips & Tricks Section. But first get started with Audible using this link. 

I like to have my laptop open and take notes while listening to the books.


Over the years I have built a few different blogs.  By far Wix has been the easiest to use in setting up pages, building content, and even utilizing AI. I highly recommend using Wix for Website building. 

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